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My name is Skorry and I want to make all of you cry. <3
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1 year ago
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902. "You have me right where I want me." – requested by para-medic
1 year ago
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879. “If love lasted forever, we’d only ever get one.”  – requested by nyanja14
1 year ago
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Anonymous asked : where is the alt text? :3

Do you mean the quotes? If so, they’re all right here! You can browse through each comic using the back and next button, and they’re updated every so often during the week.

1 year ago
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876. “Our love is a forest fire and we are the little things that live in the trees.” –  requested by nyanja14
1 year ago
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862. “Death is not the end. Death is an ocean on all sides of our lives. Deep and dark and cold, and any anything but empty.” – Requested by nyanja14
1 year ago
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— public service announcement!!

Golly, I hope I’m not being annoying by posting this in the nabari no ou tag, but this is skorry, AKA the weenie who has been making the asofterworld remixes for the nabari tag because I want to make you all cry. I just changed the url of this blog to ‘asofternabari’ to be more official. 

I will be accepting requests for the remixes (characters, pairings, you name it!), and it will also be wonderful if you have any nice looking full-page manga scans (original Japanese, English, any language, it doesn’t matter ;v;) or quotes from asofterworld that you would like to see on this blog! 

The submit link on the sidebar will take you to my personal blog for convenience. And also because the submit feature kind of refuses to work whenever I have it open. Sorry if that troubles any of you for whatever reason!

So yes, thank you all very much for reblogging and liking the posts I have so far, and please feel free to submit requests! I will get to any and all of them as quickly as I can. You’re all very sweet. uvu <33 

1 year ago
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697. “Sometimes when two people love each other it’s really unfortunate.”
1 year ago
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631. “Violence is never the answer. It doesn’t matter how clearly you show your work.”
1 year ago
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715. Spare the axe, spoil the child.
1 year ago
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364. "Life is essentially a chess game. You have to plan and calculate and I am so lonely."